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20 years of expertise and capitalization of know-how in software development and information systems

Our origins: dual computing/electronic skills

2aTech was created in July 2001. Originally, 2aTech is as an independent engineering firm specializing in the study and development of IT and electronic projects for businesses and manufacturers. This dual skill (electronics and IT) is the DNA of the engineering firm.

The mastery of electronic and computer development processes is at the origin of the creation of more than a hundred applications and twenty electronic devices in many fields. Medical and aeronautics remain the firm's favorite application fields.

Since 2010, the firm has worked mainly in the medical field (Applications, medical repositories and information systems) and analysis and control solutions for critical complex environments (analysis and predictive maintenance).

Publisher of software and business applications, 2aTech remains open to market opportunities by developing open solutions associated with continuous improvement contracts, driven by the needs of end users.

An adventure that started 20 years ago

More than 20 years of activity and always the same passion and investment for the development of information systems and business applications.

20 years of know-how capitalization

20 years of know-how capitalization

Our values

Expertise, quality, responsiveness and availability represent the firm's key values. Curiosity and the desire to learn again and again, never to stay on one's achievements are the bases of the engineering profession. Customer satisfaction remains an unchanging motivational driver.

Beyond project management, the firm's strength is to provide effective and efficient customer support and service by emphasizing priority management over interventions. The firm implements procedures for technological monitoring, control of applications and their environment.

The firm works on the continuous improvement of quality, methods and monitoring tools according to the directives of the ISO 9001 standard. The firm complies with the ISO 29110 standard in the context of the development of critical applications and systems.

Skills and know-how

Project Management & Technical Services

The firm develops, within the framework of a privileged client-2aTech relationship, tailor-made solutions (business applications, information systems) in multiple sectors of activity, particularly in the aeronautics and medical sectors.

Through its experience in the field, 2aTech is committed to its customers: a policy of transparency, a single point of contact for your technical service needs, technical assistance, rigorous monitoring of services.

Since its creation, the firm has implemented tools for monitoring services and managing the life cycle of applications. Data monitoring and centralization tools allow great control of projects and tailor-made access to all project partners.

Expertise of information systems

Information systems expertise is one of the firm's areas of development.

The firm works in close collaboration with reference providers (drug database, CIM10, CCAM) and studies the environment as part of its internal research.

Systems are studied using high performance test environment (dedicated servers)

The development of information systems and business applications requires the integration of cyber risks both in the development process and in the operation of the systems. The firm has expertise and a technical watch in the field of cyber-security.

Organization of studies and developments

An organization of the firm and projects based on transparency, trust, autonomy and efficiency. Project management and monitoring tools present throughout the project life cycle.

20 years of know-how capitalization

Project and application management tools and platforms

Skills and know-how

Through its experience, the firm has extensive skills to understand and deal with complex problems in critical technical fields.

  • Feasibility study
  • Specifications
  • Project monitoring
  • Process optimization
  • Specific IT development
  • Task automation
  • IT solution
  • Network and Internet Solution
  • Electronic solution
  • E-Commerce System
  • Industrial prototype
  • IoT System
  • Pre-study model
  • Industrial Automation
  • Task automation system
  • Technical support and decision support
  • Functional audit
  • Support & Technical Assistance
  • Information systems expertise
  • Cybersecurity Audit and Consulting
  • Solutions and analysis system

    Related solutions and maintenance

    The firm develops application systems in partnership with large companies and proprietary systems as an application and software publisher.

    The support, maintenance and continuous development policy for the solutions is based on 3 key concepts:

    - Perfect control of the system and its environment
    - Project dynamics
    - Effectiveness in terms of interventions and support

    Perfect control of the system and its environment requires the implementation of test platforms with reproduction of the production environment of the solution. Many tests are orchestrated (loading, audit, analysis of resources and behavior over time) and this, on an ongoing basis. This substantive work, which consumes resources, remains essential, particularly in understanding malfunctions and the possibility of reproducing them.

    The project dynamic is ensured by the evolution of the solution over time and allows a balance between the needs of the end customer, the functionalities of the solution and technological developments. The implementation of a technological watch facilitates the choices during the evolutions of the system. Feedback and customer needs are of course essential in the development of internal roadmaps.

    Long-term solutions

    Our solutions are developed by integrating risk analysis and maintenance / monitoring adapted to the level of criticality of the system and its environment from their design.

    Risk analysis and system monitoring

    Risk analysis and system monitoring

    Operational analysis and monitoring of multi-site systems

    Operational analysis of equipped sites

    As part of critical and complex projects, analysis tools and probes are deployed to detect any malfunction. Learning about the environment and feedback from experience makes it possible to make the systems more reliable and gradually to implement predictive maintenance.

    The monitoring and centralization of data concerning the application system and the sites.

    Each of the equipped sites has information (validated configuration, installation note, etc.) and a history (events, problems encountered) accessible via the project follow-up allowing rapid control of the configuration parameters and the history of operation of the application on site (if the site has Internet access and is equipped with the firm's analysis and centralization solution)

    Research and development

    Technology watch and R&D

    Nowadays, technology watch is necessary in the context of the obsolescence of technologies and components. The firm has implemented an active policy on the various technologies used on projects in order to anticipate any obsolescence.

    New technologies (platforms, tools, languages, components) are implemented as part of the firm's internal research and development projects. These studies make it possible to have a basis for reflection and constructive criticism on technological innovations and to be able to detect possible applications or to bring these innovations to ongoing projects.

    Database systems, programming languages, programming concept, frameworks, communication interface, protocols, artificial intelligence, cyber risks... The list of fields of study is not limited. The firm invests time on all of these technological elements in a pro-active approach in order to improve its knowledge and analyze opportunities.

    "Pure logical thinking cannot yield us any knowledge of the empirical world; all knowledge of reality starts from experience and ends in it."

    A. Einstein

    Skills and axes of study and research

    LTS IT solutions editor

    (*) LTS - Long Term Support

    Since 2001, we have been developing applications for the needs of our customers and our internal management tools.

    We are committed in the long term and with the ambition to satisfy the customer by providing optimal added value.

    We develop our own frameworks based on security and performance optimization.

    We are currently working on the distribution of medical repositories and the development of a medical research platform.

    Study and expertise in cyber security

    IT risk is a permanent reality and must be more than ever a pillar of application development. Beyond the business aspect of software, mastery of technologies and its risks is an asset.

    This analysis must be carried out at all levels of the system constituting the user environment.

    The study of cryptography and the analysis of network flows in a dedicated or general public environment, allows us to understand the security of data transmission and the associated risks on our applications.

    IoT - Monitoring and Automation of tasks

    Embedded electronics and the development of IoT have been part of our DNA since our creation (Signal electronics and IT).

    Monitoring critical systems using specific operating probes is part of the goal of a comprehensive understanding of the production environment and its interactions.

    The automation of analysis and supervision tasks complements the expertise and control of an environment or a technical platform.

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